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Are You Ready for the Next NetSuite 2023 Release?


August 2023

Our clients are thrilled about the next NetSuite release.

And so are our users at Amplify!

One of the best things about the cloud – you don’t pay more for upgrades.

One of the unique aspects of NetSuite – there are only two updates yearly so all users are on the same version.

The main improvements in the NetSuite 2023 Release 2 include:

Financial Management

Everyone loves a more efficient bank reconciliation, right?And financial reports are one

Revenue recognition is, sometimes, an art that takes far more effort than anticipated, and it is arguably the most essential line item too.

Our CFOs often use NetSuite. So do our Controllers and Accounting Services.

The whole Finance Leader team that is on NetSuite is looking forward to improved bank reconciliation, enhanced financial reporting, and enhanced revenue recognition.

Supply Chain Management

How ironic, supply change is our Aha with Amplify topic in September.

Have you registered yet?

We know it has been a challenging part of business the last few years. So, it gives us confidence that NetSuite has updated supply chain management features, including:

  • improved demand planning

  • enhanced inventory management
  • better order management capabilities

Customer Relationship Management

At Amplify, the Client Experience starts at the beginning. To help us deliver, we use NetSuite CRM.

Our Growth team looks forward to it being a better experience and checking out the release, which includes enhancements to customer relationship management functionalities.

We expect improved customer segmentation, enhanced marketing automation, and better customer service management.

User Experience

Let’s be honest, the user experience of NetSuite has been out of date. It still wins where it matters, but there’s room to improve UI. And that matters!

So, the news that they’ve focused on improving the user experience by introducing a more intuitive and user-friendly interface is optimistic.

The release also includes enhancements to search capabilities, making it easier for users to find the information they need, and that will make our jobs easier!

Customization and Flexibility

The AmplifyTech team is ready to help clients with more customization options, with the release. They’ll be able to tailor the system to the client’s needs better. This includes the ability to create custom fields, forms, and workflows.

Some clients will take this upon themselves, too, and we love to see that! Not having to call a consultant for every tweak, report, or customization is a big reason NetSuite gets picked.

Overall, the improvements in the NetSuite 2023 Release 2 are about efficiency, productivity, and user satisfaction. We look forward to all of it.

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