Are You Ready for the Next NetSuite 2024 Release I?

It’s that time of year. It happens twice. NetSuite updates are around the corner. What to look forward to? NetSuite, a leading cloud-based ERP system, has recently announced its 2024 Release 1, which introduces a new suite of solutions for finance professionals. NetSuite Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) EPM is a

Misconceptions of Enterprise Resource Planning

Let's tackle the misconceptions of Enterprise Resource Planning. What's the top question AmplifyTech faces? A few relate to ERP myths, so we would love to share. NetSuite is expensive and not cost-effective for businesses. NetSuite offers a flexible pricing structure and can provide cost savings in the long run.

Unleash Growth and Innovation with a New ERP System! 

In the dynamic realm of modern business, success hinges on growth and innovation. Our CFOs see it, and so do we as a scale-up at Amplify. These exciting opportunities come with unique challenges. Scaling operations, aligning teams, enhancing customer segmentation, and gearing up for market expansion requires precision

What is the Difference Between a CFO vs. CIO?

“My business win is my work with my client’s newly hired fractional CIO. I finally feel that between that and the Scale Up strategy work we are doing that we have the support to get things done there.” We heard this in a team meeting the other

Are You Ready for the Next NetSuite 2023 Release?

Our clients are thrilled about the next NetSuite release. And so are our users at Amplify! One of the best things about the cloud - you don't pay more for upgrades. One of the unique aspects of NetSuite - there are only two updates yearly so all

Our Tech Team has been busy!

Our clients aren’t the only ones who are scaling and growing! AmplifyTech is too! At Amplify, we know that building a successful business is a team effort. We are leading experts in the fields of #technology and #business. We strive to live our purpose at Amplify: Enhancing Communities Amplifying